1993-2008 Jeep Cherokee Rocker Wraps Skulls Green Unhallowed Ground


1993-2008 Jeep Cherokee Rocker Wraps Green Unhallowed Ground

Jeep Cherokee Rocker Wraps Skulls Green
Jeep Cherokee Rocker Wraps Skulls Green


1993-2008 Jeep Cherokee Rocker Wraps Skulls Green Unhallowed Ground

Fits 1993 – 2008 Jeep Cherokee

Fits 1993 – 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lower Door Cladding ( Fat lower Door Molding) Must be removed.

Our Jeep Cherokee Rocker-Wraps come in 3 different heights — 8″, 10″, and 12″.

The Jeep Cherokee Rocker Panel Wrap Kit comes with 2 panels per side , that’s a total of 4 panels per kit.

The Panel lengths are 52 Inches each, just install and trim.

These sections are more easily manageable for the DIY installer to work with rather than trying to handle a single large Roll.  Looking for more than just your Jeep Wrangler Rocker-Wraps?  We also offer matching Hood Graphics and Grill Wraps.

We use Premium Vehicle vinyl for your Rocker-Wraps. All of our vinyls have Air Channel Release technology so you get an easy, bubble-free install. Then, we use UV resistant inks to preserve your vivid color. Then we topcoat that print with a UV resistant glossy clear laminate designed for vehicles to add longevity and durability.

Our standard high-quality 3m vinyl is great for things that are basically flat and very simple smooth curves, such as going underneath the rocker of your Jeep.

This easy-to-use Rocker-Wraps kit is designed for the do-it-yourself installer. Easy to follow instructions are included in your kit to help you.
We feature:
Premium 3M or Avery brand vinyl and laminate for years of long life. 7+ years life expectancy.
Adhesive vinyl graphics printed in vivid color.
Air Channel Release technology for easy, bubble-free installation

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