Racing Stripes

Racing Stripes

Most of our Racing Stripes are Pre-cut Kits, which makes for an easy installation. These Pre-cut Racing Stripe Kits are made using cast laminate and air-release vinyl. Every purchase includes access to our online tutorial video library on how to apply racing stripes and other large vehicle graphics. 

Racing Stripes that are die cut and have an outer pinstripe are provided with application tape before shipping to ensure that you are able to maintain the correct alignment and spacing that is integral to the stripes design.  Racing Stripes that have a designed or colored pinstripe are provided without application tape and as such can either be wet applied or dry applied, though most installers would agree that wet application is easier for alignment purposes.

You can find more information about our racing stripes below.


With Racing Stripes, it is just as important to have ease of application as is the material you’re using. We provide you with high-quality vinyl meant for wrapping vehicles. These Racing Stripes, also known as Rally Stripes are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of rain, snow, sun, and wind and still look brand new! We utilize UV resistant inks for amazing color and detail and top it off with a UV resistant protective laminate to ensure your Rally Stripes maintain their vivid color for years.  We offer Racing Stripes that are suitable for your 1960’s classic muscle car such as a Mustang, Challenger, Charger, Camaro, Nova, Corvette, or your brand new Z71 Truck.

  Other stripes decal kits sold by Speed Demon Wrap Shop include decal rally stripes kits for Dodge Ram Trucks, Ram Hemi Trucks, F-150 Pickup Truck, Ram Pickup Trucks, Ford F-Series Truck, and a whole lot more.  

Speed Demon Wrap Shop manufactures and sells quality vinyl decal rally stripes for all brands of cars. Before you buy, please make sure to measure your application area and see if our universal stripes meet your requirements.

Speed Demon Wrap Shop crafts vinyl racing stripe decal kits that provide a professional quality stripe job on cars, trucks or anything else you want to apply them to! All of our Speed Demon Decal Kits are constructed with high-quality materials. You can expect 7 to 10 years of vivid color on your racing stripes and even longer if you have covered parking such as a carport or garage.

Rally Racing Stripes may look intimidating, but the installation shouldn’t! We design all our vinyl graphic applications for the do-it-yourselfer in mind so that an inexperienced wrap installer can still get that professional custom look too!

If we do not have a Pre-Cut kit for your vehicle, we do have universal racing stripe kits available that will work on most vehicles. These racing stripes are a universal fit and are designed to fit most hoods, though they may require a little trimming after installation. We recommend measuring your hood length before ordering to ensure these Racing Stripes are long enough for your application.    

Please note that we provide many different variants of Stripes to meet any one client’s preference. Speed Demon Wrap Shop offers a multitude of colors in relation to the main body of the Racing Stripes as well as the internal pinstripe too. That is if you’re looking for more then the traditional die-cut pinstripe along the circumference of the stripe.

More so, Speed Demon Wrap Shop can produce your fully custom racing stripes too. Whether you have the artwork to size or just a concept of what you want, we here at Speed Demon Wrap Shop can make it and ship it out to you.

  If you have any questions, let us know and we will help you out!